Aenor awards accessibility certifications obtained with the advice of Sinpromi at FITUR


February 1, 2013

The Museum of Nature and Man, under the City Council of Tenerife and the beach "Playa de Las Vistas" in Arona (southern Tenerife) received, with the advice of Sinpromi, at the International Tourism Fair (FITUR), which took place these days in Madrid, the certifications for universal accessibility granted by Aenor.

Sinpromi was designated by Aenor as representative for certifications for universal accessibility.

This tasks will be executed as lead partner of the Project Tamac "Development of Accessibility Destinations in Macaronesia" (MAC program 2007-2013 of Transnational Cooperation), along with Ashotel, Tenerife Tourism and ACIF-CCIM (Commercial and Industrial Association of Funchal. Trade and Industry Chamber of Madeira). The project Tamac aims to promote the improvement of the accessibility of tourism infrastructure and universal accessibility certification, as a seal of quality assurance and its conditions. In this sense, Sinpromi has promoted the certification of the Museum and the beach Playa de Las Vistas, and just like the Hotel Mar y Sol and Metropolitano de Tenerife, which has made the tram of our island the first passenger transport system in Spain to receive the certification of universal accessibility from the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (ANEOR). The beach "Playa de Fanabe" is in the process of certification at the moment, with the advice of Sinpromi.

SINPROMI continues to work to ensure that our environment services meet the needs of the entire society and bets that Tenerife can achieve universal accessibility in all tourism resources, through a design for all, better supply, the renewal of the infrastructure and the development of quality plans.