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Catamaran Lady Shelley

Catamaran Lady ShelleyDue to the characteristics of the boat and the dock area, the access for wheelchair users is done at low tide. The company provides information about the days which are most suitable. The catamaran can be accessed through a 72cm wide gangway, with an elevation at the beginning and end. In the interior of the catamaran, there is enough room on the ground floor to move around and enjoy the stay without difficulties and with sun protection.


Puerto de Los Cristianos, Arona
Tel.: +34 922 757 549
Web: www.ladyshelley.com



Neptuno Sea Company “Shogun”

ShogunAccess to the ship is via a metal gangway, whose decline can be adjusted according to the tides. The ramp has an elevation at the beginning and at the end and is followed by a curved ramp with an elevation at the end. Inside there are a few steps and access to a sun-protected area. There is a bathroom marked as accessible, with a more than 0.80m wide door that opens to the outside and a bevelled doorstep of 8cm. There is no sink inside and the toilet has fixed grap bars on both side for support.


Puerto Colón, Adeje
Tel.: +34 922 798 044
Web: www.neptunosctenerife.com



Marítima Acantilados “Nashira Uno”

Nashira UnoThe access from the port to the dock area is via a 1.00m wide ramp whose slope of the tide can be customized, but is still above 12%. Access from the dock to the boat is done via a 69cm wide ramp at the same level and the distance from the dock to the vessel is 20 to 30cm. There is no access to the sun-protected area aboard.


Puerto de Los Gigantes, Santiago del Teide
Tel.: +34 922 861 918
Web: www.maritimaacantilados.com