Museo de Historia y Antropología

Museo de Historia y Antropología

C/ San Agustín, 20 y 22

38201 San Cristóbal de La Laguna

Telf.: 922 825 943

Fax: 922 630 013

Email: mhat@museosdetenerife.org

Web: www.museosdetenerife.org

The Museum has audio-guides with a description of the contents in Spanish for persons with visual disability as well as sign-language guides with videos signed in LSE (Spanish sign language) and subtitled for persons with hearing difficulties
APedestrian route
PMain access
PAlternative access
PInterior corridor
AAccesible Bathroom. Ground Floor
PTeaching classroom
PTemporary exhibition hall
A"La Despensa" Shop
PSala de Exposición Permanente. Planta 1
PAccesible Bathroom. First Floor
Last modified: 15-04-2015
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