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Symbols and meanings:


This symbol with a number shows how many accessible places are in this area. The places can been seen individually by zooming in.


This icon shows represents the adapted areas


This icon represents the usable areas


This icons stands for the inaccessible areas.


For a more detailed description click here


By selecting the option "show on map", the following activities of interest can be displayed individually or all together on the map.


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The results can be filtered by selection "adapted" or "usable". Once you have selected an option, click on "show" to see the results.


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After making your selection press "show" to see the results on the map.


The "centre" button serves to relocate the mouse to the middle of the map.


By selecting "display itineraries" on the map, routes and itineraries, that have been tested by our technicians, will show up.



The itineraries are represented by the following different coloured lines, which indicate their degree of accessibility:


Accessible route (zone of free passage more than 1.20 meters, lengthwise slope less than 6%, sidewalk not slippery, without ribs, solid)


Acceptable route (zone of free passage between 1.20 and 0.90 meters, lengthwise slope of 6% to 10%, sidewalk with small ribs)

itinerario-inaccesible Inaccessible route (zone of free passage less than 0.90 meters, lengthwise slope of more than 10%, uneven or damaged pavement)


Once positioned on the map, you can see information about routes and activities by clicking on these icons (accesiblepracticable o inaccesible).


ver ficha

To display all information available, select "more information". Complete information about the selection will be shown.


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